Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seth and Stacie for Eternity

My good friends Seth and Stacie tied the knot yesterday! I am really excited for them. Seth was one of my very best friends at the Jerusalem Center. I could always tell how in Love with Stacie he was, even though he would never say it out loud. I am so excited for them, and very jealous of their honeymoon tickets to Jerusalem!

I took a few pictures on my Fisheye, but this is the best one on my normal camera.
Stacie is so perfect for Seth.
I am so happy for them
And guess what happened next...
I caught the Bouquet!
Guess I'm getting hitched.... hmmm....
Now, just to who is the question?


  1. So, who did you beat down in the process? I always love this part of weddings. I've seen some cruel bridesmaids in that little circle of "friends". Someone always gets hurt when there's a betrothing bouquet on the line. Haha. So funny.

    Glad it was you though. Let us know the date. Haha. ♥

  2. You are SO beautiful, Stephanie! Love your blog!