Thursday, May 27, 2010

pretty sure...

that this song has probably been blogged a million times already. But I just really really loved it, I had to join in!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

80s, Ghostbusters

Seriously who does not love this movie?

Monday, May 10, 2010

80S, The Man with one Red Shoe

I went for another Tom Hanks movie today, The Man with One Red Shoe. Released in 1985, this movie is an amusing story of the CIA going a little too far. One goofy violinist, Richard (Tom Hanks) is arbitrarily chosen as a major target and threat to the CIA. There is a basic love story (and one seriously sexy dress) with Richard and a CIA agent, Maddy (not a very good spy name if you ask me.) The ending is just for all the characters involved.

I laughed a lot during this movie. There were some seriously funny parts. This movie is extremely similar to The Man Who Knew too Little, but it much less over the top. As funny as that movie is, I think I prefer this one. I enjoyed this movie, It was more re-watchable than the last move I reviewed, The Burbs. I would watch this again with friends, but I'm not dying to replay it by any means.

Monday, May 3, 2010

80s update, The Burbs

Yes, The Burbs.
I pulled this movie off the library shelf and rented it for two reasons. 1-Tom Hanks on the cover. I do really like him. 2- the 1989 release date.

The movie was mainly about the recently moved it,creepy "neighbors from Hell." From the cover I expected one of those "how could things get any worse" movies about a nice guy who gets frustrated, and more frustrated and so on... But actually it was a lot better than that with an ok plot and mystery. The creepy neighbors get more and more suspicious as the movie goes on, and Tom Hanks and his buddies cannot leave the situation alone. A little digging leads to much more digging- literally. While it was predictable I still wanted to watch it through the end.

Couldn't say I would recommend it to every one, but I don't regret the 101 minutes I spent watching.