Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lovely Fall

Hello lovely readers.

Well, now that it's officially started snowing here in Utah I thought I'd share a few moments from my Fall! (I'm just a little bit late.)

I really wanted to get out and do all sorts of things this fall. I think I achieved that for once!

I went out on several hikes to enjoy the fall colors and leaves.
These I took when I did Dry Canyon trail.
Secret: I was so antsy this morning I went out by myself. I know it's a bad idea. Don't do it. (But I was fine, of course.)

 awkward eys? yes.
 These were taken up Provo canyon. Ok. I can't even remember what trail it was. I went with my mom and dad and it was so lovely!

I hiked the Y at night. Truth: I've never actually hiked the Y until now. Even though I'm a BYU graduate. Shame.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Weekend Thrift.

Take a look at this beauty.
I picked up this Art Deco-esque shelving piece for three dollars at a charity yard sale last week. 3$!!
It's a little rickety, but after tightening all the screws, I think it will hold up just fine. Well I hope so. But I've already gotten three dollars of use out of it. (because, how long does that take?)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Adventures with bleach

Inspired by these blogs (1,2) I've tried bleaching a few of my old things.
This was a t-shirt that my friend Amy gave me for my 16th birthday. (thanks amy.) Well, we could just say it isn't quite my style anymore. I still really liked the fit of the tee. So I thought to myself, "Hey, if I could make the whole tee be tan colored, then you wouldn't be able to read the words quite so much!"
Good thinking, self. 
 So I put it in a plastic bin and poured straight bleach over it. (I know you're supposed to use water too, but I didn't.) All the black seeped out and man it smelled horrible!
I left it in the bleach for a couple of hours. 
Washed it by hand in the sink. And hung it up in the shower to dry.

 This is the result! Holy smokes!
I love the new color.
According to this color chart, I think it's either "jasmine" or "Naples yellow." I'm good with that. they're both exotic! Just my style. 
What do you think? Would you ever try bleaching the crap out of something you own?

xo steph

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tomato Basil

I love the Tomato Basil soup at Zupas. (Who doesn't.)  But I really dislike tomatoes. I've tried a recipe before, but it came out to tomatoey for me. Tonight I tried to get as close as I could to the Zupas Recipe!

This is what I came up with:

Zupas Copy-Cat Tomato Basil Soup
4 diced tomatoes
4 cups tomato juice
3 cups water
3 chicken bouillon cubes
14 fresh basil leaves
1/3 cup orozo pasta
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1/2 a sick of butter
1/3 cup brown sugar.
(no judging)
Salt and pepper to taste.

Put tomatoes, juice, water and bouillon into a large stock pot. Simmer or Boil until mixture is thick. about 30 min.
Puree in blender with basil leaves.
Return to pot.
Add orozo, cream, butter and brown sugar and cook until pasta is tender. (Do not boil.)
Add salt and pepper as desired.
I served mine with bread crumbs to give it some texture.

It came out pretty darn close to the zupas original. I have noticed that theirs is very sweet and creamy.
If anyone out there tries this please let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear about any other ingredients used!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The new format

Dear Readers,
I've missed you, and perhaps you've missed me. 
I've been debating what exactly I want my blog to be, because it can no longer be a place for pretty pictures -  we now have Pinterest for that. (Follow me)

So I've decided I want to share all my projects with you. I've been a little hesitant because so many bloggers have such amazing tutorials and projects. But I'm going to do it anyway. 

I will share all my creative works here. The ones that succeed and possibly the ones that fail. 
I will post whenever I do something creative or unique.
I will post basic steps on some things. 

I won't post detailed, step-by-step tutorials on how to re-create my projects yourself. Not because I don't want to share, but because sheesh I don't have time for that. And you can probably figure it out for yourself anyway. 
I won't post amazing pictures, because I'm not so good at taking them. Also, I have no good lighting at my house. 

Ok So here's a project I worked on a little while ago.


You know how newlyweds are supposed to freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and eat it on their first anniversarry? Well here are my thoughts on that: Ewww.
Since my good friend Paige made my wedding cake I enlisted her into helping me re-create one layer of it.
And I got to help!

I've never done any cake decorating, so working with fondant was quite fun. 

Here's the basic  steps. 
1. Melt marshmallows.
2. Stir color into melted mallows. 
3. Pour into a well of powdered sugar. 

4. Knead until it starts to feel like something. 

5. Put fondant in the fridge for a couple days. 
6. Frost cake with buttercream. Roll out Fondant. 

7.  Cover cake with fondant and smooth.
8. Cut edges.

We had such a lovely first anniversary! Somehow I kept this big project form Husb, and he was totally surprised when our waitress brought out cake out to us! (seriously so nice to let me bring in outside food- Thanks Carabbas.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

A thought about pinterest.

-Too many pictures of women in sports bras for "getting that body inspiration"

-too many cupcakes. WAY TOO MANY CUPCAKES.

The two don't mix well, you know?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hindi Zahra

I love to give myself challenges. I hardly ever follow though completely, but I am considering doing a week or two where I listen to and watch only foreign music, movies and TV shows.
Would you do it?
Would you want to do it with me?

Dear Borders

I'm sorry. I put you out of business.
This is how I buy books.

Step 1- head to your store or Barnes and Noble. Look around at all the featured books and staff picks. Read the first few pages of books that look interesting. Write down the names. 

Step 2- Go to Amazon and buy the book for MUCH cheaper. 

Step 3- Get book in the mail. (Because who doesn't love getting a package?)

This way just works out so much better for me. But not for you. Sorry again.


PS These are some books I have purchased over the last year for only one penny and a few dollars for shipping.

I have no regrets.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Store your wet rainy or snowy shoes on a tray full of pebbles.
Someone please remind me to do this in a few months!

Thanks Martha

Why yes, I am still posing a bunch of photos I found online, because I still can find my camera cord. Cool. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Picnic II

This might be do-able, right? Maybe?
Apparently I am craving a summer picnic party like this. Who wants to come?

I wish I could do some of these things with my house.

I live in an apartment
I don't have money for things like that
It's a good day if the dishes are done.

But here are some pretty things for you to look at anyway!

All from Belle Maison A new blog that I found!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Picnic

fWho would like to have at Sunday picnic with me at this place?

From BBB

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello lovely readers!

My days and nights have been quite occupied! So many crazy things have been going on! Pretty please let me tell you about it!

Three of my really wonderful friends (Camille, Garrett, and Miranda) have or very soon will be moving to the East Coast (along with other friends who are already living there!). And Let's just say that I desperately want to go with them! Last fall Husb and I went to visit My sister-in-law Jen who was temporarily working in NYC. She got to fly us out and we got to stay at the W on Lex. It was a fantastic party to say the least. Jen is going to work in NY again, so I bet you can guess what I've been day-dreaming about!

That's silly because we've already planned our vacation for this year!
We're going on a 4 night Mexican cruise!
And I am so excited for that to come in October!

I've been working on a top-secret first anniversary surprise for the Husb.
FIRST ANNIVERSARY! woah where did that come from??
But don't worry in a week it wont be top secret anymore and I can show you!

Also, since project runway is back on I am more inspired to sew again. Did you guys see that Trinidadian girl who sewed the pants? She must've had one heck of a teacher. I've been sewing for 14 years and I could never make something like that! (I've also never tried to make pants. Have you?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pictures by Someone Else II

What I love about this dining room:
-The huge paining over the fireplace. It's very subtle. I always love huge paintings!
-The blue table! I would totally paint my table if it wasn't borrowed from my parents! ha!
-Stacks of unique dishes and books on either side of the fireplace.

What I love about this space:
-The pink table!
-Church pew type seating against the partition.
-Piles of small white candles resting on the partition! how cozy!

Both from Here

If you were going to paint your kitchen table, what color would you make it?
I would go for a dark blue-violet!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm GF R U 2?

Gluten Free week 1:
What I've been eating
Chex cereal
Corn tortilla chips
"Cream of rice" (like cream of wheat)
Ice cream
Corn tortillas
Black beans
Pinto beans
Garbanzo beans (hummus)
Re-fried beans
Baked beans

Week 2 of 2  starts tomorrow.
I am seriously tired of beans. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skirt from Dress!

I've had this dress for several years now, and it was getting dingy from so much wear, tear, and love. It has a metallic print that started to rub off. It just made it look dirty. Not to mention that it was borderline short back before marriage, but now it is definitely too short! 

It sat in my D.I. bag for a long time, but I decided to pull it out and see what I could do with it!

Step 1.Cut off the top. This dress had smocking in the middle, so I cut above the smocking.
Step 2. Hem the top raw edge.

Step 3. Bleach test. I wanted a change of color, especially considering dingy metallic print. So I used the waistband ties that I had cut off to test how the color would turn out. After I let them dry I could see what the final color would look like. (Bleached items turned out surprisingly lighter that anticipated once they dried)

Step 4. Bleach the item. I let the skirt sit in 1:1 parts bleach and hot water for about 1 hour.

Step 5: Wash and rinse item. I hand washed the skirt several times before a through rinse and dry. 


It took me so long to put out this tutorial, because I so wish I had amazing pictures like all the amazing bloggers out there, but I've decided it's better to post than not, so here it is! comments are always loved!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pictures by Someone Else

I have a few before and after projects that I am dying to share, but I cannot find my camera cord anywhere! Boo. So the pictures are sitting, wanting to be posted. You will see them soon my friends, soon.

So for now, please enjoy a few pictures from other people of spaces that I love!

Pink Wallpaper

Plush Palate
Ada and Darcy

Saturday, July 2, 2011


This evening I sat in my Grandpa's burgundy wingback office chair with rolling wheels. He sat across the large oak desk from me in his stable, semi-circle chair. A very official looking double pen stand, a gigantic calendar and a myriad of books and church magazines lay on the desk.
He asked me what my life goals were, I replied "sheesh- Life goals? I have some summer goals, but I'm not sure about life ones."
G-pa: "Summer goals are good too. But have you written them down?"
I adverted my gaze sheephishly.
He opened a tray from his printer and handed me a sheet of paper.
"Well, here you go. Get started."
So in the presence of my grandpa I wrote these summer goals:

1. Finish sewing 3 bean bags.
2. Open Etsy shop.
3. Go Camping
4. Read at least three more books. (Suggestions welcomed!)
5. Go dancing x2
6. Do a hike
7. Run 10 miles a week again
8. Finish eight watercolors.
9. Talk with Grandpa.

It took a while to explain to Grandpa what an "eat-see" shop was, but I think he understood after a while. Or pretended to, at least.
He told me his summer goals were to

1. Start reading the Miracle of Freedom
2. Pay a guy to do the yardwork that he is too worn out to do him self.
3. Stay alive.

Yep. I think he'll do just fine at accomplishing those.

There are eight weeks left of summer. In four weeks I have an appointment with Grandpa to review and evaluate how much I am accomplishing from my list of summer goals. Yeah, he was a mission president a few times. You can tell, can't you?

What are your summer goals?
much love

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Before: Orange Dress

This is the before......
(Via 2008)
The "After" is coming soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time Capsule

So, you know how Facebook now shows all of your old messages with a person whenever you send a message, or chat? It is so funny to see ancient messages stored from years and years ago.

This is a prime one that I stumbled upon while sending a message to my friend Hailey.

The cray thing is that I sent this message to her four days after I met my husband! Of course, I didn't know it at the time. Husb and I met randomly in a friends apartment, and he noticed me immediately, and tried to chat me up, but I was so oblivious because I was hearbreakingly obsessed this other boy who turned out to be not so interested.
Luckily for ridiculous little me Husb was persistent and we eventually ended up where we are today! Murried!!
It's so nice to look back and realize that everything happens for a reason. Even when things seem hopeless they really, truly, never are!

And here's a love picture from our recent vacation to a cabin in heber! Because... why not!
PS thanks Hailey for the chat! I hope it's ok that I posted it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Pink

I have never liked hot pink. Ever. For these reasons:
-It clashes with my hair. 
-Reminds me of barbie and popular blonde high school girls.
-A girl* holds up a hot pink skirt to me (at my retail job) and asks "what color top do i wear with this?" I reply "Any basic tops in grey, cream, black, white, or mix it up with some fun things like turquoise jewelry and a brown cardigan" while selecting hot pink skirt appropriate tops. The girl replies "hmmm... ok. Do you have any hot pink tops that would match?" What?! Who thinks that is a good idea? (*this incident has literally happened more than 10 times.)

From Design Sponge
But now... After all these so many years. I am obsessed. I especially like it when used so well, like in this living room.

I even bought two hot pink sweaters, and you know what, they aren't half bad.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the bags.

Remember my post about meditation, and how I sat on this bean bag?
Well one of my friends convinced me that I need to put these in my still *cough cough* coming soon etsy shop!

What do you think?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

My new fav.

How gorgeous is this picture from A Beautiful Mess?
I just love it.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Today is Bethany's wedding.
She is one of my bff's, and here are some pictures of the two of us for your enjoyment! (or mostly mine.)

Gypsies in West Jerusalem. 
No, we didn't realize that we looked so crazy. And yes, we did walk around all day looking like that.
Some museum..?.?... Israel
King Abdullah Mosque. Amman, Jordan
The Mecca Mall. We are joined by Seth and Piper.
The Jordan River. Galilee.
Happy wedding day bethany!

Ok I had to throw this one in too...

don't worry. you are supposed to laugh.
This is our first belly dance class. 

This is what i call "Wolf People." (coined by Drea. I don't know if she remembers, but I use this term on a weekly basis.)