Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello lovely readers!

My days and nights have been quite occupied! So many crazy things have been going on! Pretty please let me tell you about it!

Three of my really wonderful friends (Camille, Garrett, and Miranda) have or very soon will be moving to the East Coast (along with other friends who are already living there!). And Let's just say that I desperately want to go with them! Last fall Husb and I went to visit My sister-in-law Jen who was temporarily working in NYC. She got to fly us out and we got to stay at the W on Lex. It was a fantastic party to say the least. Jen is going to work in NY again, so I bet you can guess what I've been day-dreaming about!

That's silly because we've already planned our vacation for this year!
We're going on a 4 night Mexican cruise!
And I am so excited for that to come in October!

I've been working on a top-secret first anniversary surprise for the Husb.
FIRST ANNIVERSARY! woah where did that come from??
But don't worry in a week it wont be top secret anymore and I can show you!

Also, since project runway is back on I am more inspired to sew again. Did you guys see that Trinidadian girl who sewed the pants? She must've had one heck of a teacher. I've been sewing for 14 years and I could never make something like that! (I've also never tried to make pants. Have you?)

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