Saturday, July 16, 2011

Skirt from Dress!

I've had this dress for several years now, and it was getting dingy from so much wear, tear, and love. It has a metallic print that started to rub off. It just made it look dirty. Not to mention that it was borderline short back before marriage, but now it is definitely too short! 

It sat in my D.I. bag for a long time, but I decided to pull it out and see what I could do with it!

Step 1.Cut off the top. This dress had smocking in the middle, so I cut above the smocking.
Step 2. Hem the top raw edge.

Step 3. Bleach test. I wanted a change of color, especially considering dingy metallic print. So I used the waistband ties that I had cut off to test how the color would turn out. After I let them dry I could see what the final color would look like. (Bleached items turned out surprisingly lighter that anticipated once they dried)

Step 4. Bleach the item. I let the skirt sit in 1:1 parts bleach and hot water for about 1 hour.

Step 5: Wash and rinse item. I hand washed the skirt several times before a through rinse and dry. 


It took me so long to put out this tutorial, because I so wish I had amazing pictures like all the amazing bloggers out there, but I've decided it's better to post than not, so here it is! comments are always loved!

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