Monday, April 26, 2010

80s education.

So, Yes, I am obsessed with 80s movies.
It is official.
I am constantly trying to get my hands on the best movies made in the 80s. 93% of all 80s movies were released before I was born. (well assuming that there is a equal distribution throughout the year of when movies are released- which is, of course, not true.)
I love the 80s. I think the conglomeration of styles patterns and changes that happened in the 80s gave rise to the "create your own style" that we see today.

I re-watched the Back to the Future trilogy this week. i loved it. Matthew Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Was a seriously unbeatable team. My favorite part was when they visit the year 2015. The styles were super ridiculous. It seemed far into the future then, just as 2040 does to us now.

This is what the screenplay depicted the future as....
(notice the flying train engines on the Doc's "futuristic" shirt! -shout out to the third installment in the trilogy.)

Ok so seriously, what do you think the year 2040 will be like?
I think that we will drown in electronic cords for things that need to be charged. Hopefully we will have a cleaner energy source, especially for cars. I unfortunately think that Paper books will be a novelty item, bordering on obsolete. (I am sad about this. No matter how cool the Kindle and the Ipad are, I just still LOOOOVVVVEEE shelves lined with books!) I seriously don't even want to think about what popular music will sound like in 2040. but I think that the tree decades preceeding the year 2040 will bring us unimaginable electronic change. unimaginable. But it will be a reality.
Don't you agree?

(PS I'm open to many suggestions for 80s movies- the education will continue!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dear Molly Ringwald

I am obsessed with you.
Seriously, there was nothing better tonight than watching fantastic 80s movies wrapped up in big blankets with Grapes and Macadamia nuts. is that oddly specific? Well sorry if it is.

What are you favorite 80s movies? I think I want to have a marathon. I mean a serious marathon. Ghostbusters, Sixteen Candles, Labyrinth, Back to the Future. (all of them).
Who wants to join me?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Why Yes Thank you, I would like to have a chandelier such as this one over my kitchen Island.

Via Full House

Behind the Times...

So here are some reasons I haven't blogged in a few weeks......

1- EDP Fashion show for Sowers of hope.2. Belly Dancing Recital #2

3. Festival of Colors
4. End of the semester and Final projects and papers.... Booooo.......
(I put this picture because I wrote a big paper on the effects of tourism on the Island)

Oh yeah-
and I
Got Engaged

I am super excited. We are getting married August 6th. Gonna be honest, so far wedding planning is not my favorite but I know it'll be great! I hope you can all come!