Friday, September 23, 2011

The new format

Dear Readers,
I've missed you, and perhaps you've missed me. 
I've been debating what exactly I want my blog to be, because it can no longer be a place for pretty pictures -  we now have Pinterest for that. (Follow me)

So I've decided I want to share all my projects with you. I've been a little hesitant because so many bloggers have such amazing tutorials and projects. But I'm going to do it anyway. 

I will share all my creative works here. The ones that succeed and possibly the ones that fail. 
I will post whenever I do something creative or unique.
I will post basic steps on some things. 

I won't post detailed, step-by-step tutorials on how to re-create my projects yourself. Not because I don't want to share, but because sheesh I don't have time for that. And you can probably figure it out for yourself anyway. 
I won't post amazing pictures, because I'm not so good at taking them. Also, I have no good lighting at my house. 

Ok So here's a project I worked on a little while ago.


You know how newlyweds are supposed to freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and eat it on their first anniversarry? Well here are my thoughts on that: Ewww.
Since my good friend Paige made my wedding cake I enlisted her into helping me re-create one layer of it.
And I got to help!

I've never done any cake decorating, so working with fondant was quite fun. 

Here's the basic  steps. 
1. Melt marshmallows.
2. Stir color into melted mallows. 
3. Pour into a well of powdered sugar. 

4. Knead until it starts to feel like something. 

5. Put fondant in the fridge for a couple days. 
6. Frost cake with buttercream. Roll out Fondant. 

7.  Cover cake with fondant and smooth.
8. Cut edges.

We had such a lovely first anniversary! Somehow I kept this big project form Husb, and he was totally surprised when our waitress brought out cake out to us! (seriously so nice to let me bring in outside food- Thanks Carabbas.)

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  1. I love the idea of recreating the cake! Freezing it was always weird to me too. And I'm excited to see all your projects :)