Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meditation Session 1

After way too long of daily headaches and with no other solutions my doctor said I needed to meditate every day in order to relax.

That was on monday. I fail.

So tonight I really tried meditating. I went for the Elizabeth Gilbert via Eat Pray Love version of meditation. Her friend, the wise old Ketut, told Liz that to practice Balinese meditation she should sit and just smile. (Eh, I read that book four years ago, I'm totally basing this off the movie.) I have always remembered reading in Malcom Gladwell's Blink that smiling actually makes you feel happier. It has something to do with the muscles used and chemicals and such. Read about it in better words here! This is why I tried smiling meditation!

I sat on my huge beanbag, crossed my legs and smilied.

It was hard to stop myself from thinking about all the things I felt like I needed to get done.
...vacuum all the strings from sewing on the carpet
..... deadbolt the front door.
....... pick up the fifteen magazines laying on the floor. Etc.
Overall it was relaxing and I did enjoy it! After 30 minutes I was in a really good mood, and I've had a fabulous evening since!

I hope session 2 goes as well!


  1. Oh my gosh. I love this. Love love love. You are the cutest. Maybe I should follow along.

  2. this is great. I love that it's doctor's orders. In my yoga video, the first 10 minutes they just have soft instrumental music and you sit in the lotus position with your hands down. But your back is as straight as it can be, and they recommend using some sort of block or pillow under the back of your rear for more support. It is awesome and it always helps my back. Oh and don't forget to concentrate on your breath. If you are always thinking about the next breath and keeping them long and deep, then you won't get distracted as easily.

  3. Smiling works! Several times in my life somebody (including your dad) has told me that I have a great smile. I think it makes me prettier, so over the years I have learned to smile a lot. And I think it has made me happier! When you're smiling you tend to think of your blessings and not your problems. :)