Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being sick for many weeks on end has zapped me of all creativity. 

I have enjoyed watching almost all 100 episodes of this weird show. (I'm on 89)

Don't judge me because I spend my lazy couch sick days watching anime. I'm not really into anime that much, but I stumbled onto this in my netflicks "view instantly" and lets just say I've been desperate for things to fill my time.

Hopefully there will be someting exciting to post soon.



  1. I've never watched Bleach, but it's huge.
    Are you enjoying it? ;)

    I hope you feel better soon, my lovely girl.

  2. ok Steph, put down the Bleach. I found the most awesomest show. Maybe you have heard of it. It is called "What Would You Do?" If you look it up on Hulu, you can watch hundreds of episodes. It is so awesome. And clean. And satisfying. I highly recommend it. I may or may not have watched 4 episodes myself in the last 24 hours.