Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Pink

I have never liked hot pink. Ever. For these reasons:
-It clashes with my hair. 
-Reminds me of barbie and popular blonde high school girls.
-A girl* holds up a hot pink skirt to me (at my retail job) and asks "what color top do i wear with this?" I reply "Any basic tops in grey, cream, black, white, or mix it up with some fun things like turquoise jewelry and a brown cardigan" while selecting hot pink skirt appropriate tops. The girl replies "hmmm... ok. Do you have any hot pink tops that would match?" What?! Who thinks that is a good idea? (*this incident has literally happened more than 10 times.)

From Design Sponge
But now... After all these so many years. I am obsessed. I especially like it when used so well, like in this living room.

I even bought two hot pink sweaters, and you know what, they aren't half bad.

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