Thursday, June 2, 2011

#1 Motion City Soundtrack

Several novels will be written about today.
That was just the kind of day I had!

This is novel #1.

Three months ago I was running ten miles a week and man did I feel good! Since my onslaught of baseball bat headaches I haven't gone near a treadmill.  Last week I finally had the energy to approach one! I didn't get much running done, but walking was good enough! Tonight was my second reunion with this blissful machine, and it was amazing! I ran two miles at 5.7 speed! (That's a good run for me, even minus headaches.) Thank you meditation..... and glasses.

What got me pumped for my run was Motion City Soundtrack. I haven't listened to this band in an extremely long time and I was feeling a little wild tonight!

Back in high school I was a little bit more wild in general, in a rock and roll sort of way. (If my H.S. self knew that the present me listens to Top 40 radio stations I would have been very upset.) When I was 17 I went to a Motion City Soundtrack  and Ok Go concert at the Avalon with my friend Charity. It was incredible! It was the kind of concert where you can't not jump because the whole crowd is so squished together and jumping to the beat, that everyone just moves up and down as one sweaty entity. 
At most venues there is a barrier between the crowd and the stage where bouncers sit and catch crowd surfers if there are any. At this place, however, there was no barrier and no bouncers to be seen and people were getting thrown onto the stage! My 17 year old self was NOT going to miss this! So i flirted with some nearby boys and convinced them to hoist me up onto the waving arms of the crowd. My horizontal body moved forward on the hands of strangers. Yesss!! rock and roll bliss! I knocked some front row guys in the head with my sole-heavy green converse and they threw me onto the stage so hard that I slid twelve-ish feet right into the bassist and his microphone. He was currently singing, and as soon as I knew what was going on the microphone was bouncing on the ground next to me making an amplified thudding sound heard all around the venue. A stage guy ran to pick it up and yelled at me to move. I ran off the side of the stage and went back to meet my friend. I did not crowd surf again that night!

It was a pretty hardcore, and I liked that. However, I'm making a huge assumption here, but I would bet that it's not a musician's favorite thing to have his microphone knocked over by a teenage girl while performing. I felt bad for being annoying.

A year later Motion City came back opening for  the All-American Rejects. (and if you knew me in high school you probably know that I'd never miss an AAR concert.) The show was also amazing. Justin Cain, the lead singer for Motion City was signing autographs after the show. I asked him to sign my pants, and told him that I was sorry that I knocked over the bassists mic the last time they were in Salt Lake. He looked straight up at me and said "That was YOU!" I think I turned the same color as my hair. Then he continued, "Well, I guess we can be friends now." Now that was rock and roll bliss! Friends with the lead singer!

Pants from High School!



  1. LOVE this story! Motion City is from Minneapolis (same as me) and they were the first "real show" that I went to (not including NSYNC and Good Charlotte haha). I think we would have been great friends in high school because I too would be ashamed that I currently listen to Top 40. Either that or I would secretly hate you because you were a rock n roll show going rebel girl just like me :)

  2. This is such a good story.
    Well written, well lived.

    You ARE a legend.