Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well I've blogged about how much I love the painter Marc Chagall before, So this weekend I tried to re-create one of my favorite paintings by this artist. Here's the result! (and I am not going to post the original, because mine will definately look worse by comparison.

And here are some other fun things that Camille and I made several weeks ago:
light covers in action:

Love stephanie


  1. Look at you! My oh my, your Chagall is amazing! Good work, ps - I love that I recongnize the pictures used on your light covers.... I think I know exactly where you got them.

  2. Love the light switch/outlet covers...very awesome! Love your blog! keep it up!

  3. Very impressed with your Chagall imitation, girl! I won't compare it to the original, but just looking at the style, you've got it spot on!!

  4. Oh my goodness. My heart just swelled with joy at your brilliance! I love everything about this.