Saturday, January 16, 2010

I need to make some...

I haven't made a pillow since I was ten. back then I used to had sew my own little mini pillows (about the size of your hand) and fill it with random stuffing. or occasionally I would fill them with hard beans to make bean bags. My stitches were always so big, so some of the beans would fall out. yep. That's a story i don't tell very often.
I love this long black pillow.
Or this great pillow.
It seems like you can get away with sticking or embroidering anything onto a pillow these days.

Like I said.... anything.
This reminds me of something my friend andrea and I were going to make back in like the eighth grade. I can't remember now what we were going to name them. But anyways, that's a side note that's really just for her.

blah blah blah...


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  2. I really like that long black pillow, too! I should sew some decoration like that onto my body pillow...

  3. THe little monsters we were going to make? haha. Faux fur for the win.