Monday, October 26, 2009

David Bowie Love

This weekend I watched the movie Labyrinth. I have not seen this since I was a kid. I was experiencing some serious Deja Vu, like when you hear a song you used to know ever word too, for the first time in ten years. I knew every scene as soon as it came, I could almost quote along with the movie.

While this is kind of a freaky 80s movie- nothing beats David Bowie!

Here is a little LOVE for you:
My goodness how can you not love him? Especially around Halloween time.

Here are some Bowie inspired, but more feminine fashion. (in My opinion.)

The Left is from Oscar de la Renta, Fall 07, the Right is Balenciaga, Summer 07



  1. Can I please just say that David Bowie is by far my favorite rock singer! I LOVE him in Labyrinth. In fact...I love Labyrinth so much I have the 20th Anniversary special edition DVD, the poster, the soundtrack and numerous other memorabilia. :D When i'm sad or having a rough day i put in Labyrinth. David Bowie fixes everything. haha

  2. LOVING the tulle on Oscar de la renta...I love anything ballerina inspired... and also, I have been inspired by balenciaga's structured suits like that for many of their seasons now.

  3. I LOVE Labyrinth!!!! I wish they would re-make it.