Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cinderella in a Party Dress

I recommend you listen to this song while you read my blog today.
(ps. if someone wants to teach me how to upload a youtube video to my blog- it would be much appriciated.)

The Killers, Dustland Fairytale.

This Song spoke to me today:Especially the lyrics abo
ut Cinderella in a Party dress.

How do you envision "Cinderella in a party dress?"
This is what I imagine.
By Nina Ricci

I wish I could wear this for Halloween. Heck I wish I could wear this any day of the week. (And believe me- I would.)

So, the question is...
What are you being for Halloween?
I can't wait to see all the post-Halloween blogs.

This was my Halloween last year. I was at the BYU Jerusalem center, and dressed up like the Mesopotamian Moon Goddess, Nana. Incredibly nerdy, I know. But it was so acceptable and easy to be so nerdy at the JC.


  1. jackson pollock painting! but you knew that ;)
    and i'll show you how to do the video!

  2. Beautiful! You are so creative and I love you.

  3. You copy the "embed" code on Youtube and paste it in html OR compose mode when you compose a's under the URL link on youtube...but sometimes they won't let you embed if there are certain copyrights on it.