Thursday, November 12, 2009

Belated Belly Dancing

Well, it is about time I post about my Belly Dancing adventures.

Last Wednesday my dear friend Bethany and I performed our belly dancing routine. My friend, Le Travis described his expectations of the recital as "Thirty people standing around awkwardly with cups of lemonade at the worst recital ever." Oh it was quite the contrary. The recital was pretty legit, if I do say so myself. The theater was just about filled to capacity (which is 670 seats). So I am guessing there was at least 500 people there. When I signed up for a community class, this is not quite the performance I was expecting to be a part of.

Our class performed first, to avoid embarrassment when the real belly dancers started performing. I think it went pretty well! I certainly enjoyed and appreciated hearing my name called from the back of the theater. Love to Amy Andrea and Missy!

Here are some backstage pics:

And our awkward class:

It was basically a party like this:

And now Bethany and I are working on our own choreography. It is inherently more sexy than our community class performance. Not sure why our dance is turning out this way, it just happens. We are giving into all Belly Dancing sterotypes I guess.

Here is a little Belly dancing inspired fashion:

Donna Karen


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