Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Canvas

To understand this post you MUST listen to this song! It is amazing!

Last night, Thursday, I got to see Imogen herself in Salt lake. She's come before, but I've never been able to go. While there were some technical difficulties and a more than slightly annoying crowd, it was the most amazing show. I cannot believe that a woman can really sing like she does.

She told a story about a film, made by her friends, about a man carrying a black canvas. She was really inspired by it and wrote this song. It seemed to be the theme of her whole album. Hence the strong contrast found on her album cover:

I was also reminded of Carol Hannah on Project Runway, who designed this beautiful dress, full of glitz and feathers:

I felt very inspired, and this morning I pulled out the paint brushes.
This is what I came with:

Yes. feathers.


  1. Love Imogen Heap. Love the painting.

  2. Um beautiful. And I love that you always include fashion on your posts.

  3. LOVE Imogen and also LOVE Carol Hannah!!! I am seriously obsessed with PR... xoxo