Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the Season

Well it is December. Yes December. This semester has flown by. Final exams and unfinished projects are staring me in the face. November passed slightly slower than the previous month, but has been much more exciting.

I am getting excited about Christmas! The most wonderful time of year! I will be trying to make most of my gifts this year, as I am low on funds and high on creativity. I've already begun. Expect something glue gunned and painted.

I've recently decided that a day when my fingernails don't get covered in some sort of glue or paint is a day probably wasted. No wonder I can't ever wear a coat of nail polish for more than a few days.

These are some reasons why I am excited for the Christmas Season:
1. Christmas decorating.
2. My nieces Birthdays.
3. Walking though the snow holding hands with boy. ( I am anticipating this.)
4. Toffee at my Grandmother's house.
5. Seeing my brother David
6. Can I be really selfish and say presents? Is that so lame? I should say that I'm excited to give presents which is true, but I'm also excited to get some. (You are too, don't lie and say you aren't.)
7. That cinnamon and fresh cut tree smell.
8. My work Christmas party. It was almost canceled. There was an uprising. Instead we are going put-luck. This is acceptable.
9. Setting up my nativity purchased in Jerusalem.
10. Singing Christmas hymns in Church.


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