Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

In My Family we get together and write our predictions for the upcoming year. .

These are my predictions for 2010
-Three of my best friends will get married
-I will graduate from BYU
-three new versions of the Iphone will be released
-Stephane Myers will admit that the third and fourth books in the Twilight series were, indeed, fan-fiction, written by a sixteen year old girl.
-Cordless ear-bud headphones will be invented. perfect for the gym. (I'm rooting for this!)

These are my predictions for the next decade:
-We will find life on another planet
-Electric cars will be re-introduced to the market, thus saving the world from global warming.
-I will connect with my Lithuanian roots and travel to eastern Europe.
-70 new versions of the Iphone will be introduced, creating a worldwide monopoly on all types of cell phones.
-the word "gigabyte" will become utterly obsolete.

Well, we'll see I guess...
Happy new years!
Best wishes with all your resolutions!


  1. that is so great.

    I love the twilight one hahaha.

    and that is cool you are lithuanian! let's go to eastern europe. I loved prague, so I think i will like other parts!!!

  2. i agree. this is amazing. you are graduating already?!?! i'm jealous. i'm going to be in school forever.