Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Moon

This is my friend Chris Rawlins:

Chris and I both went to Jerusalem last Fall semester.

You need to know right now that Chris and I are platonic friends. The Jerusalem bond runs so deep, it is hard to comprehend from outside the group of eighty. We are all very close.

A little while ago Chris sent a text to a few people saying "go look at the moonrise, it's beautiful." I was working and asked him to describe it to me. He responded with "It's about ten degrees over the peak of Y mountain." Or something extremely analytical. Chris is just an analytical guy. I said, "No Chris, I need a romantic description of the moon." I heard nothing back for an extremely long time, at which point he said that after trying very hard, he wasn't able to come up with anything. I said he probably needs some practice with the romance stuff.

After a gentile reminder, Chris finally fulfilled his promise to write me a romantic description of the moon. This is what he came up with:

In the Light of the Full Moon

In the light of the full moon, she appears to me.

The soft glow is just enough to illuminate her gracious form
The flickering light of the stars, alone, is not enough to bring her to my view,
And the harsh glare of the single sun causes her to vanish before I can fully recognize her.
But by the light of the full moon, she appears to me.

The faint gleam in her eyes is enough to give me hope in our unseen future together.
The soft glow of her smile fills me with the warmth of our yet unknown happiness.
And the gentle radiance of her skin kindles in me the comfort and security of her touch.
I can see and feel all these things, but only by the light of the full moon.

One day, I will see her under the bright summer sun of reality,
One day, I won't have to endure alone the dark winter night of uncertainty,
I know that I'll find her; I know that she's there,
Because I have seen her, in the light of the full moon.

Christopher L. Rawlins
1 December, 2009

He explained that it is a poem, yes, about the moon, but also essentially about the phantom of true love.
(ps just a reminder this is not a love poem about me.)

Isn't it amazing? Thank you Chris.



  1. um, you have awesome friends. That is the moral of this story.

  2. I do indeed. You are one of them Julie!

  3. Haha YES I love it...and dont worry i completely understand how you fall in love platonically with people on study abroad. too bad none of the guys were cool on mine hahaha

  4. That is a fantastic poem from a platonic friend. I love those platonic people. Which sounds stupid, but it's true.