Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stenciling Christmas

Wishing the whole blogosphere a Merry Christmas! It has been a whirlwind for me! Being out of school, would seem to imply free time, but nope, my work at the mall took it all up. Regardless of being exhausted all break from working; it was so good to have my siblings in town.

I knew that my roommates and I would all be spending Christmas with our families, but that didn't stop me from doing a little unique decorating.

Here is my contact paper tree:

I found some lime green contact paper at an office supply store and cut out this tree. I used a string of beads and paper ornaments to decorate the tree. It was the best 2-D tree I could have imagined! and it came in under 6 dollars, which is perfect for my practically non-existant decorating budget. I threw up some other snowflakes and garlands around the apartment and it felt quite homey, which was especially warming during finals week!

Christmas with my family was great! We celebrated the birthdays of my two nieces who turned 1 and 4 years old. It was a lively party.

I'm so greatful for all the thoughtful gifts from Santa and friends and family.
My cousin keri gave me a great Hot Chocolate maker. A while ago I stumbled onto this DIY Coffee Stencil and loved it! But since I don't drink coffee I didn't think twice about actually making one myself. Now I have endless oppourtunites for Drink stencils!
I took a stab at it. i need to invest in an exacto-knife, but thought that this simple shape would be scissor aprooved:
What do you think?

I conjured these up for when boyfriend came over to exchane presents. He was estatic.

And there are endless oppourtunities for stencils:

I'm not sure I want to wake up and pour Obama's face on my hot chocolate, but it's an idea at least.



  1. Cool tree! Cool stencil work! I love both of these ideas.

  2. sweet tree. i would totally love a brown swig of obama anytime. ;)