Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The DIY life

I think I could make my own DIY Blog. But I don't want to, so the craft life is going to rear it's beautifully patterned head in this blog. (**DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself!)

Check out these DIY birds. I am making some. Mine, of course, are not wedding garland birds, but rather colorful "birds of paradise" if you will. They will hand under the kitchen cupboards.

I have recently become obsessed with interior design. I really really wish BYU still had a program. But I guess it's not like there aren't any other schools around. But I will never leave Geography. I love it too much.

There are several classes offered at BYU. I am taking the beginning class. I think I will take the rest. It might be true love.
I will post a picture of my birds when they are done.
i am in the market for a DIY living room Rug design.
The DIY life is the life for me.

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