Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, I have been spending a lot of time looking at design blogs. Like previously mentioned, I have fallen in love with interior design like I never imagined. While browsing at Borders, I consciously passed the issue of Vogue in favor of Architectural Digest, and other home magazines. It's possible my age has jumped about 10 years without me knowing it.

Here are some blogs I have discovered:
you may enjoy them... you may not....

Here is my absolute favorite room I have seen:

It looks pretty much nothing like the colors I chose to decorate my apartment in, but I love the amazing lighting hitting the neutral colors. And seriously, the lines and design of the bed are out of this world.

I also love this color scheme:

well I just do what I can in my own little un-paintable apartment. (which by the way has the most horrid couches I have ever laid eyes on.)
I need to post some more pictures of what I have done.

Well school is three and a half weeks in, and I have my first two tests this week! Now.... I need to study. Goodbye!



  1. ooh i do love both color palettes!

  2. I love that first bed! And that color scheme in the second picture is TOTALLY you. I can see that being your house.