Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is a blog about fixing things:

What better way to fix or mend something than with a little bit of tape. Actually, no, that is too broad, let me rephrase that sentence by saying; The best way to fix or mend something is with THIS tape!

Or this Japanese masking tape:

This just proves to me that anything in this life can be made a thing of beauty. Don't you agree?
I feel like I could stick this tape over a broken heart and it would be healed.

Well I have a new goal: To actually cook dinner once a week! This week I made Pizza! (almost from scratch- but not really.) As a college student most of my meals consist of cereal, or toast, or the occasional frozen food. Does anyone have any good and easy recipes they feel like sharing? I'll even try out the not-so-good ones! just kidding. Don't send me bad recipes.


  1. haha
    ok, love that first set of tape.
    and the last sentence.
    and you.

  2. Oh my gosh we should cook together! I really have been dying to do the same thing (cooking once a week) but I've decided cooking is WAY better when you do it with someone else. Thoughts?