Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is a blog about FINDING things!

I am so completely ECSTATIC right now!

In my Interior Design class we learned about this furniture maker Thomas Chippendale. He belongs to the Late-Georgian period of architecture. His pieces are known for their broad, manly, yoke-backs; and for the claw feet.

This is a knock-off Chippendale side chair on the market now: (Notice the lame straight legs... no claws!)

It's selling for $1035.99.

This is what I found at D.I. today....

YES YES YES!!! This is why I am so excited! Look at the exquisite clawed foot.
I purchased two chairs. I was on a search for a good desk chair for my bedroom. But one day i will have a larger house and I will be glad to have two of these chairs. Heck. I'm glad now!
The seats seem easy enough to re-upholster as well. So they can constantly match the given decor.

Each chair was only EIGHT DOLLARS!
coming to a total of $16.
Nothing will ruin my good mood today!

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