Thursday, April 21, 2011

the total bummer of thrifting

I have reached a whole new level of cheapness.

Being a newlywed and having a bursting closet full of clothes and more clothes and scarves and shoes and purses you would think that I would just stop buying things because i don't need them. Well you see, that is extremely difficult. Especially when I spend 40 hours every week managing pretty much the cutest clothing store of all time. (Am I right or am i right?) So I have just stopped spending too much money. (also, I'm addicted- surprise!) I will seriously not spend more than $5-7 on a shirt and $10-12 dollars on any dresses. Insane? Actually it's quite possible. Gap has some insane clearance sales, as does Banana, and as does my lovely Urban Wear. Last week I bought a dress at down east for $7.50 and I got constant compliments on it the next day!

See? do-able.

Therefore, it was incredibly irksome to me when I went to savers last night and ugly, stained, velvet 80s dresses were $13.99! Some of these things might be worth something after major sewing surgery. But this was way too much money for me, and the items simply were not worth the asking price. It's quite disappointing.


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  1. I totally agree.
    Pax and I were there two nights ago looking for furniture and ended up picking up SEVERAL shirts for him. There were tons of great buys in the mens clothing, but I didn't really see anything that caught my eye that was worth the buck.

    I did, however, find some very nice vintage cups and things!

    It's true, though. So, so true.