Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegas, The Killers way:

I wasn't a huge photo taker on my weekend birthday trip to Vegas, but here's a few jems:

As you can see the Husb is now blonde!
A few weeks ago we were bored and I'm the type of person who would dye my hair all kinds of colors... except... Let's be honest, my hair is so awesome that I will never dye it. But it is an action that would match my personality. So instead, I dye his hair.

This is Aaron celebrating his visit to the philipino store in Vegas. We kept meeting people from the Philipinnes. None of them could understand why an American would know Tagalog.

Aaron and I are absolutely obsessed with the Killers.
We are seriously seriously obsessed.
You think I'm kidding.
I'm not.

Here is Flamingo Road,
Brandon Flowers named his solo album after this road.
He met his wife at the Buffalo Exchange a block from where this pic was taken. cool.

We also stayed in the Sam's Town Hotel for the sole reason that The Killer's second album is named after this place.
The Man B.Flowers. himslef could see the sams town sign from his house growing up.
Do I sound weird?
like a creep?
Husb is way worse than me!


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