Sunday, August 30, 2009

120 days of Summer

Here is a List of the 10 best moments of My summer:
(not in a particular order)

1- Missy's Wedding in Manti

2-The Spiral Jetty

3-Reading Scriptures with Vanessa by the River every Sunday.

4-The Bog Photo shoot

5-Late night storytelling conversations with Travis

6-Painting a huge canvas, beading shirts, re-upholstering stools. aka being creative.

7-Blind Man's Bluff and the bruises that come along with it.

8-Anything that involved the "Insignia" Camille and I made up

9-Singing "Hava Nagila" and hoisting the bride and groom up on chairs at three JC weddings. And catching Stacy's bouquet.

10-Meeting with my bishop to ask him when I can start my papers.

Goodbye summer. We will meet again soon.
Welcome Fall.

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