Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thousands of words that need to be shared.

It's time for more Old pictures and memories.
Today I was remembering my trip to California.
Look at these two awesome friends.
We had such an amazing time.
This picture was taken minutes after Justin (in the C2G yellow) threw his cell phone into the ocean.
These boys had just taken me to H&M which may be the best store in the world. I repeat, what great friends. Justin is getting married in a couple weeks to the lovely Nancy. And Adam is off being very MIA in Texas. I'm sure I'll see him in a few weeks when school starts.
We had some adventures.

And this was the best place we went:

The San Diego Temple.
"G envy."-Drea.
Someday I will go inside.
I can't wait.
And another day I will Get married here:

TIMP! I am all about timp! I love love this place!

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  1. Hahaha. I love you.

    Such cute pictures. :) Can't wait until we can go on some road trips and make similar memories.