Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today I finally got to eat Zupas. I have been craving it like nobody's business! Now I am happy :)

The last time I went to Zupas I was with Camille and we ditched Aaron and Brandon who were waiting for us, saving seats in the dollar movies. We were upset because they didn't pay for us. Can you say Laaame. And we were mislead and didn't get a chance to eat. So they sat alone in the dark theater while we ran across the parking lot to go on the date that we should have been on.

Random OLD picture of the Day:

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Two awesome G-hood roommates! I love those girls. This was at the ward Haloween party that Jon Kotter and our activities comitee threw.
I should text brit. (on the left)

Love from P-town


  1. I love those girls. This was at the ward

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  2. best memory ever. closely followed by chocolate covered strawberry thievery