Thursday, August 13, 2009

haircuts can be traumatic.

Ok, so this is a story from a few months that I remembered today while getting my bangs cut.

Sitting and waiting for your haircut is never this eventful. But the last time I sat in this specific chair, the same one I sat in today, I may or may not have changed the course of One Kid's life forever.


So this little girl sitting next to me is waiting for her dad to finish his hair cut. I chatted with her. She was six. She said her mommy was buying makeup.
Then continued: "Are you a mommy?"
I laughed and said, "No, but someday I will be!"
"Then why are you wearing makeup?"
I realize that her mom tells her that only mommys wear makeup because she doesn't want her six year old daughter to want to wear any. Now I think an appropriate response might have been something like, "Well, because I am old enough to wear makeup."
Instead I said:
"Because if I don't wear makeup I'll never be a mommy."

And that is the moment I turned a cute little girl like this:

Into this:

I guess it happened to all of us at some point or another.

*Disclaimer: all of these pictures are merely from search engines. They are not of anyone i know. And I certainly didn't take them. I did however take the following picture:

Random Old Picture of the Day:
This is a detail image of a door in Versailles.
Taken March 2007.

Paris me Manque.

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