Sunday, August 9, 2009

More than just a bad joke. TheB's

This weekend was all about the B's. Boating, and Blind Man's Bluff. (The letter B also applies to the scores I am probably going to get on my finals this week.)

On Saturday the ward went boating. I'm not a huge water person. But, I refused to chicken out at all. (well, it's not like I wake boarded or anything.) But I got thrown and flown off of the tubes. It was super fun and I really love my C-wood ward.
This is Yuba Reservoir where we went. It was a very nice, but not quite as dramatic as this picture makes it look!
It was super fun, but Bro. Dunn is a fearsome driver. I've never been thrown out of a tube so many times.
My hands were so sore from holding on to the raft handles that I could not pick up the stapler at work to staple each receipt like I usually do. (this prevents clogging.) I had to use it like a normal stapler that actually works and rests on the counter. The good news is, It didn't get jammed.

Today, I took a lovely long nap at the park. I love Sundays.
When I woke up, and the sun had moved dramatically, and I came home with a nice sunburn on the back of my legs.

Tonight we (meaning the wardies) played a sweet round of Blind Man's Bluff, or a simpler title is "Lava". If you were ever the age of eight, you have played this game. It's just tag on the jungle gym, and the lucky "it" person keeps their eyes closed. And, of course, you can't touch the ground!
It is the best game ever. You can swing all around the jungle gym.
In elementary school I was always the kid that was "It" for fifteen minutes because I was never quick enough to catch anyone, but the times have changed. I am more daring now and I love this game.

** To do- attempt the jump between the long curly slide and the staircase at the scera playground.

Tonight I received only mild Lava injuries. Only a short fall and a few tumbles. Ok a few pulled muscels too.

I hurt pretty much everywhere. It has been an amazing weekend!

I feel like this post was all about me. Well, I guess it is my Blog, but next time I will blog about something else

Love from the Land of black and blue and red all over.

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