Monday, August 10, 2009

Tasty Face.

This week I am experimenting with different homemade face masks. My skin has been less than adequate in appearance, so I am trying to change that. I feel like store bought products are often overrated and too harsh for my skin. So I am sitting here with Honey, egg and oatmeal smeared all over my face and I look like a Zombie from the Thriller Music video:

Ok, well not quiiiite like that. But I do look ridiculous.

Yesterday I tried just oatmeal and Honey and it worked wonders, definitely better than anything that I ever bought in the skin care isle for 9.99.

The earth is an amazing place. Sometimes I feel like Rousseau got it right. Maybe we should all return to nature. I heard that if you walk on grass barefoot for a few minutes every day it releases static built up in your body, and you will sleep better. The rubber in your shoes prevents the electricity from leaving your body. I Don't know if this is true, But not like it'll hurt anyone to try it. Sometimes I ask myself if Humans were ever supposed to move inside. Maybe I will go live in a Tepee. I could walk on grass every day and grow my own oats and raise my own honey bees to make my face masks. This Tepee version of myself would probably be very content, and have great skin, but worn out all the time.

Ok I don't really want to live in a Teepee. But I do love Nature, and I think there is something to Rousseaus ideas.

These are some of my favorite nature pics:

The place of St. Peter's Primacy, on the sea of galilee. This is where Christ told Peter three times to "feed my sheep"

I love Cherry Blossems. Springtime is so beautiful.This is a hidden feild behind the Cathedral in Conques, in Southern France. It was a place discovered only by me, while we had a few miniutes of free time. All of the other girls spent their free time waiting in line for the WC.


  1. That grass in your secret field looks so green that it'd do a better job of relaxing your tired body's electric charge (hah) than the grass we have here. I know grass can often look softer than it actually is, but I refuse to believe that the grass in that photo is any rougher than fleece. It looks spectacular.

    Love you, Steph. See you tonight.

  2. I love doing face masks! Are you googling recipes or inventing your own?

  3. I've just been seeing what food I have and gooling something to do with it! haha

  4. You are such an adorable hippie :D ;) just kidding just kidding. I LOVE your perspective! I definitely would like to try your new face mask idea. If you have any more, especially some that will help with acne, SEND THEM MY WAY!

    I completely agree...I think that if individuals can take time every day to walk barefoot in the grass, they would live a much fuller and happier life.